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Wed. 02.11. + Fri. 18.11.22 + 16.12.22, 20:00 Uhr (monthly on the 3rd Friday)

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Thurs. 03.11. + 17.11.22, 08:30pm (on 1st and 3rd Thursday / month)

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Fr. 04.11.22, 08:30pm (monthly, on the 1st Friday)

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Fri. 04.11.22, 10:30 pm

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Sat. 05.11.11, 08:00 pm

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Sat. 05.11. + 03.12.22, 10:00 pm (after Moni Zhang)

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Sun. 06.11. + 13.11. + 20.11. + 27.11.22, 07:30pm + 09:00pm (every Sunday) + Mon. 07.11. + 14.11. + 21.11. + 28.11.22, 10:00 pm  (every Monday)

Stand Up Comedy Show  (in english)

Welcome to New York Comedy Club – Berlin!

NYCC brings New York style comedy to Berlin, offering the most authentic standup experience from the city that invented it! Experience the good, the bad and the ugly of real standup in the realest city in the world – Berlin! Hosted by Adam Shor and Eyal Wartelsky

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Mo. 07.11. + 14.11. + 28.11.22, 19:30 Uhr (jeden 1., 2. und 4. Montag im Monat)

Stand Up Comedy Show (in deutsch)

Gastgeber: Rasmus Symanzik und Josef Grinspun

Bei Fabelhaft Comedy erlebt ihr jeden zweiten Montag, wie die größten Talente der Berliner Comedy-Szene ihr neuestes Material testen und alte Gags rund spielen.

Freut euch auf authentische Stand-Up-Comedy mit gestandenen Profis und hungrigen Anfängern!

Aktuelles Line-Up und Infos: https://www.facebook.com/fabelhaftcomedy

Reservierungen: https://www.eventbrite.de/d/germany–berlin/fabelhaft-comedy/

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Mi. 09.11.22, 20:30 Uhr (monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday)

Short Cutz – Kurzfilmprogramm

A selection of award winning short movies and Q&A with the directors! All films are shown with english subtitles.

Today: Pictures and Portraits


Eintritt frei! Free entry! Shortcutz ist auf facebook

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Thu. 10.11.22, 08:30 pm

Book Release

Etched in the Ether‚ is the collected lyrics of Rasp Thorne from the ages of 16-39 and was published by Chagrin Press in 2022. Join us at Z Bar for the official release where Rasp will be performing and reading selections from the book. 


…  a sprawling, ragtag collection of lyrics tracking Thorne’s journey from his first teenage efforts straight through to the present day …  an odd, off-colour form of auto-biography with a narrator in constant flux and as trust-worthy as a sneer …  flashes of high-romance and aspirations countered by crushing defeats and blatant vulgarity as he trudges his way through cities and continents, lovers and bands, colliding full on with the tragedies and beauty which construe an itinerate life …  a solipsistic gang-bang of hopes and failure … ‘Etched in the Ether’ is a battlefield of human experience where no ideal is spared scrutiny, the author least of all …“ – Veronica Malay

Fri. 11.11.22, 08:00 + 10:00 pm

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Sat. 12.11. + 26.11.22, 8pm

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Sat. 12.11. + 26.11.22, 10pm

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Wed. 16.11.2022, 7:30 pm

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Mo. 21.11.22, 20:00 Uhr (monatlich, jeweils am 3. Montag)

Freihafen – offene Lesebühne

Textforum – ein Abend für Gedichte und Geschichten.

Willkommen sind alle, die selber gerne schreiben und lesen, die einfach zuhören oder sich über die Texte austauschen möchten.
Jeder Abend steht unter einem Motto. Die Texte sollen sich locker darauf beziehen. Die Lesezeit liegt bei maximal 10 Minuten. Vor und nach der Lesung ist Zeit und Raum für anregende Gespräche in gemütlicher Atmosphäre. Thema heute: „Ein Augenblick“ Eintritt frei!


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Wed. 23.11.22, 08:30 pm

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FÄLLT AUS ! Do. 24.11.22, 21:00 Uhr (jeweils am letzten Donnerstag des Monats)

Directors Lounge – contemporary art and media

Directors Lounge stellt lokale und internationale zeitgenössische Film- und Videokunstschaffende vor. Nach der Aufführung ausgewählter Werke gibt es die Möglichkeit zum Gespräch mit den anwesenden Künstler*innen

flyer / film still © promo Directors Lounge – Veranstalter und Kurator: Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin

Infos unter: https://directorslounge.net/

nach oben / top


Thur. 22.12.2022, 20:00 h

Marilyn and the Method

As long as there are people, there will be theater. In “Marilyn and the Method” the author and performer Frederik Tidén examines the biggest theater that the world has ever seen: Hollywood. In its beginnings Hollywood was an almost feminist place, full of rebellious divas. Mae West did jailtime for breaking taboos, Ingrid Bergman almost was expelled from the country by the US-Senate, Eartha Kitt was blacklisted by the CIA and Marlene Dietrich took on Joseph Goebbels and the Führer himself. Until patriarchy took its revenge on the superior acting talent of women by inventing “method acting”. All of a sudden, the art of illusion – coded as female – was banned from acting. Whoever wanted to play a taxi driver had to drive a taxi themselves for a year. The roles for women shrank and shrank and shrank, and the new male rulers of Hollywood found the perfect victim for their revenge: Marilyn Monroe.

Foto © Thomas Rabsch / Veranstalter: Frederik Tidén, Berlin

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